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Checa is 'The man in black' at Silverstone.

The X-lite X-802 helmet of Superbike World Championship leader Carlos Checa, which represents a map of the world, is being changed from blue to flat black for the Silverstone Grand Prix.

Designed by the rider himself, the new graphics of the helmet are more intense, thanks to the contrast of white details on a flat black background. It's a new version that expresses the rider's determination and desire to reach the podium each and every time.
The graphics are a metaphor for Checa's life. In fact, every detail tells a story. The story of a man and a rider. A bold man, always searching for emotions. An explorer who never tires of knowledge. A passionate rider who still has a great desire to know the world.
The animals express Carlos' love for untamed nature, for climbing, surfing and all extreme sports, whilst the continents represent his feeling of being a “globalised” citizen.  The very centre of the shell features a compass rose.

Carlos' fans and all motorcyclists who, like him, want to live a life full of intensity and adventure will surely approve of the Black version.
The X-802 Checa replica helmet with a black background will be part of the 2012 X-lite Collection, on sale starting in September.

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