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Laguna Seca, MotoGP: an amazing race

MotoGP of the United States: a duel just like in the bygone days, between our rider Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi. Unfortunately, the result wasn't exactly what we hoped for, but Casey's second place is definitely not a negative outcome. Stoner's total domination of the test sessions led us to hope for a fourth consecutive win, but it didn't happen. A series of spine-tingling passes between our rider and Valentino kept us glued to the TV, until Stoner's mistake on the last curve where he went long and slid into the sand. He quickly got back on his bike, but he wasn't able to catch up to his rival, who had a 16-second advantage. The World Standings see him in second place, with 25 points separating him from the top.
Melandri was unlucky again. After his brilliant performance in the test sessions, he made a mistake during the race and ended up in the sand while in ninth position. Marco finished the race 16th.

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