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Laguna Seca MotoGP: Incredible Progress for our Riders continues. 1st Stoner, 2nd Lorenzo.

Jorge Lorenzo (X-lite X-802) showed total supremacy during the entire practice session and, despite his nasty fall on Saturday, managed to secure a fantastic pole position ahead of Casey Stoner (Nolan X-802). The race itself was extraordinary.  With a strong start, Jorge succeeded in leading the race for approximately two thirds, when Stoner launched his decisive attack against his teammate Pedrosa at the "Corkscrew" and then against the current World Champion, passing at over 260 km/h on the outside bend before going on to win his fifth race of the season.

CASEY STONER (Nolan X-802)
"Throughout the weekend we worked harder than expected, we did not expect to keep up with Lorenzo and Pedrosa, "says Stoner.” Fortunately, this morning we found a solution to the problems and I was more confident and relaxed than usual, so I designed a strategy so as not to excessively heat the tyres as in the last few races. In the early laps with a full tank I did not push too much, I was on hold while maintaining contact with Lorenzo and Pedrosa. I knew I could be faster than them, but I had to be in the right place before passing. When Dani started to lose ground, I decided to launch an attack, the pass to Lorenzo, I had to wait for the right moment and at the same time, quickly gained a good advantage.  Everything went well and I was able to win this victory. Winning after a weekend that was so complicated for us is really great.   I am grateful to the team because we went out to do the best in a difficult situation and find a solution to the problems, we earned this victory".

JORGE LORENZO (X-lite X-802)
"After the crash yesterday I did not expect to be so fast throughout the race, "admits Jorge Lorenzo.” I was lucky to finish in second place and keep the top spot for so long: I was hoping to be able to win, but I was not in a position to do that.  Stoner was faster than me, after overtaking quickly he gained a big lead and there was no opportunity to be with him. I was not 100% physically and this was a problem, but I can not complain and second place in the championship is good.  We are still 20 points behind Stoner in the standings and this is not a bad result after flight tests. We will try to make up for this in Brno after the summer break, where we shall no doubt be more fit and motivated than ever and  return to winning ways after these last two races, which were without success".

Casey Stoner leads the world standings with 20 points ahead of Jorge Lorenzo. Next race in Brno on August 14.

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