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Lorenzo, Stoner, Checa, Melandri. Four riders, one common denominator: the X-802 helmet

Carlos Checa is racing towards victory in the Superbike Championship, Marco Melandri is holding on tightly to second place while Jorge Lorenzo leads the pack in MotoGP followed by Casey Stoner. What do they all have in common? They are all Nolan Group-sponsored riders who race safely by trusting the performance of the X-802 helmet, the undisputed leader of the Nolan and X-lite racing line.

But in addition to the replica helmets of these riders, the X-lite Collection also includes replicas of Lorenzo Motegi, Neukirchner and Badovini, Superstock 1000 FIM Cup Champion and current SBK rider.

With these three graphics, there’s something for everyone. A replica of the graphics the rider wanted for the 2010 Grand Prix of Japan, the Lorenzo Motegi helmet is in the Manga style. The Neukirchner replica is bold and hard rock while the Badovini replica is clean and linear.

Designed for true track experts, the X-802 benefits from the advantages that come from using three different sizes of outer shell (made of composite fibres). This way, the helmet’s weight and volume (and hence its aerodynamic resistance) are kept to a minimum, proportionate to the rider’s size.

The X-802 visor offers an impressively wide field of vision and an excellent rotational mechanism, which benefits all movements for opening, closing and application of the Nolan Top Fog Resistant system. The curved outer surface model is equipped with this inner visor with fog-resistant, silicone-sealed profile, but it is also available as an accessory for the flat version, ready for the use of tear-off visors. The new visor is equipped with the rotational mechanism that has been fit on all Nolan® full-face helmets for a number of years.

The Unitherm fabric used to make the lining offers top-of-the-line performance in terms of comfort. It is a new generation of elasticised microfibre that actively regulates breathability by rapidly dispersing perspiration. Removable cheek pads available in three different thicknesses offer the greatly appreciated Steadyfit configuration, providing excellent comfort even under conditions of substantial pressure on the cheeks, which is essential for keeping the helmet steady on the track even at high speeds.

An innovative aerodynamic adjustable rear spoiler is integrated in the shell. This new spoiler optimises the helmet’s aerodynamics, stabilising it at high speeds, and facilitates the extraction of hot air from the interior through outlet vents integrated directly in the spoiler. Its profile—and thus its aerodynamics—can be adjusted to one of the two available configurations to better suit riders' different positions and styles.

In addition to the ASD (Adjustable Stability Device)—the innovative rear spoiler that integrates permanent extraction of hot air from inside the helmet—described above, the X-802 ventilation system features: high flow air intake with a defogging feature; front protection with integrated aerodynamic vent; side air extractor; front air intake with direct entry; and indirect entry upper air intake.

X-802: from the racecourse to the road.

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