Scorching weather and massive attendance Nolan Group riders shone bright as always, and in some cases more than usual! Danilo Petrucci finishing 3rd after battling for 1st throughout the whole race! 3rd is still a fantastic achievement for Danilo on his private Ducati, and judging by his comments on the race he is very happy with it!   Less luck in Moto2 & 3 races, where we managed to scre buts, but had little more success than that with buck luck prevailing overall. Instead of letting ourselves be down about that, we look forward to next time in Spain or Catalunya some prefer!   Maybe its time to consider a motorcycling holiday if you’ve never been before, maybe Catalunya next weekend is a good idea? Just make sure you ride in a Nolan or X-Lite!



We've done podium at Mugello. That's it. That's all.


“Unfortunately I ruined my good performance in practice and qualifying with a pretty bad start, and ending up thirteenth at the first corner from fourth on the grid certainly didn’t help matters much. From then on I tried to make my own pace, but we all had more or less the same speed and the battling between us did not allow me to make up many positions. In the end I finished the race just behind Jorge and that’s not bad, but above all I’m pleased because we worked well and we were consistently fast throughout the weekend.”



I fought with my best to improve my position in the race until the finish. Slight problem at the front and rear of the equipment for not working well and then it was hard for me to control the bike in the last part of the race. We always strive to get the best and I thank the team for the work done for the race today. I will definitely be working hard again for the next race in Catalunya.




"It was a very difficult race for me, the most difficult one we've had so far in the season and perhaps one of the most difficult of all I've raced because we were a very large group of drivers. At first I tried to recover the maximum of positions because I was very well, especially in the braking, and I have been able to advance a lot. As the laps went by, I found myself getting better and, in the absence of five, I was fourth, but in the last corner I made a small mistake; That has made me at the end of the straight many pilots have passed and when entering the curve one I was twentieth. Then I have recovered positions to try to fight for the podium. I finally got to enter eleventh. I am happy with the work we have done, we need to improve in the first part of the race and this way we can hope for more in the remaining ones to play. "

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