The difficult German track Saschenring, was as testing as ever! If anything even more testing due to the poor weather and slippery track. But as always our Nolan riders gave their most!

Despite their efforts though, there was little achieved unfortunately! But the still showed their fight and desire to succeed and achieve right up until the finish. But it was an entertaining race nonetheless with youngster Folger pushing eventual race winner Marquez all the way to the finish in his home German GP.

Summer break now, both us and our riders deserve it!

If you go anywhere nice with your Nolan or X-lite please send us any great images! We know you’ll do us proud!



"I am sorry about how things went today. If I have to be honest I had strange feelings already from the warm up lap. During the race I struggled to keep the bike running because every left turn seemed to be over the limit. They passed me on the straight, which never happens to me, unfortunately the rear tyre did not allow me to express myself. I am sorry for the team that did a great job, I am disappointed”.



Difficult race for me today because we lost the grip feeling on the race today. I managed to stay in the group with the besta but I missed the top ten. At the end I won a good duel with Gardner and I am satisfied but of course we can do more than this and we will keep working on summer break. Thanks to my team for working so hard."


“It was a very positive race and we closed the first half of the season in a good way. The result could have been a bit better if it wasn’t for the opening lap where Binder passed me a bit aggressively at the last corner and I nearly fell. Fortunately, I saved it but then I got swamped by the next group at the first turn and I lost a lot of time. This is a big shame especially because I ran some really strong times at the end of the GP. With regards to the race, after about a third of the Grand Prix, it felt like the tyre had a blister on it and it took me five or six laps to understand how to adapt. Yet, I found the key eventually and I caught Syahrin and passed him twice on the last lap, but he put up a good fight and just beat me to the line. It was still a positive day and I think we’ve made a big jump. I have to say that the new KYB forks that we tried this weekend really made the difference and if it wasn’t for them, then I would have been down in the group behind. So it was very positive regarding the bike set up and now I am sure that we can find the next step."



It was a good race. At first it was difficult for me to go fast because I was riding with a very large group of drivers. As the laps have been going by, I have found myself better, I have come back in positions and I have made a very fast lap at the end of the race. We have to work on being more competitive in the first laps so as not to lose contact with the front group, because we have shown that we can be very fast towards the end of the race."

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