A rainy weekend in Brno has made it a tough race for Nolan Group riders in all race categories. Slightly easier for Moto3, with no further complications, unlike Moto2 with its red flag this weekend, and even more so in MotoGP where we had a bike change!

After a tough battle throughout the Nolan riders came out the other side and achieved the finish after tackling their opponents & bad luck.

For now the guys are staying in Brno for post-race tests but will shortly move on to Austria for the mid-summer race.

Whether you are on your summer motorbike holiday or on a beach, take a break to support our guys next weekend. We guarantee it’s worth a watch!



“It was a very difficult race. My one regret was that I did not have the courage to enter one or two laps prior to change my bike. We thought the circuit would have dried at a slower rate. I tried to keep up with the leading group and indeed for a couple of laps I was in the podium. I tried to be the first Independent rider and then the first Ducati but I was unable to. It is a shame but I am nevertheless very happy because we had a brilliant race. I cannot wait until Austria."


“It has been a very complicated race because of the weather conditions. When we entered in the pit lane to change motorbikes we were well placed and I felt strong. After changing the bike, in the first few laps, it felt very strange and I couldn’t make sense of it. I could not keep up the rhythm I had and I did not know why. When I returned to the box it was explained to me that Andrea’s bike had hit my bike during the fall, and the handlebars had been damaged. So in spite of everything I am happy with what we have been able to do this weekend. We have taken an important step forward in the set-up and I have been able to enjoy a lot of driving thanks to the team's work.” 



“It was a very positive day and we really turned it around from yesterday but even though it was a bit unexpected, I am delighted to get my best result in the Moto2 class. We were lucky that the race got red flagged and the rain came because I was strong and I played it smart. I was waiting for everyone to fight with each other and when they did, I got through on the inside and managed to overtake two riders at a time so I gained places fast. I used my head, tried to keep cool and I finished right behind Morbidelli, but I didn’t want to risk anything with the championship leader so I played it safe behind him! I’m extremely happy but we’ve got a bit more work to do, however, we will come back in Austria and hopefully, we can have another good result.”


It was a really difficult race because I was starting from the back on the grid. The first corner has been complicated because there were many riders. In the second I have been able to recover some positions, but there has been a fall right in front of me and I have been displaced last in race. As the track dried up, I was able to recover enough positions and catch the group that preceded me and I was fighting for the points. I've had to have another lap to fight for those positions. It was a shame. "

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