Our home MotoGP race started fantastically with the presentation of the brand new X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon racing helmet. Made in Italy using the latest racing technology to give our riders the very best, but also for everyday use for all. We invite you to take a look on our website & our social media channels. 

So unfortunate in the races though, with Danilo Petrucci leading for the majority of the race, before losing out in the latter stages of the race. Despite this, 2nd place is still no doubt something to remember and celebrate!

A first MotoGP Misano race for Rins, one in which he did well too! Other positives came Hafizh Syahrihn finishing on the podium in Moto2 and also a podium for Jakob Kornfeil who is more talented than he is lucky!

Misano, as always was an experience! But now back to work & life. Find some excitement in the new range. Maybe prepare your Christmas list?

See you in Aragon?



"It was a fantastic race. From the first lap the feeling was good. I was leading for long until I saw Marquez coming back. I was thinking to make him pass but my fear was that he could run away. Marquez has done a fantastic last lap and he deserved the victory. I would have liked to win the race but I am very happy for how the weekend has gone, and I have to thank the whole team."


"I’m happy about this result. During the whole weekend we struggled in dry conditions, but on wet we did a very good job. After the start I found myself in last position. It was a problem with visibility, with all the water kicked up by the other riders ahead of me. Little by little I managed to recover positions, setting my own pace. I saw I could get up to the 9th position and settled behind the rider ahead, where I waited until the last lap to attempt the challenge for 8th place. Then in the last corners we crossed lines with another rider and I lost some ground, without a chance to recover further. My team prepared a fantastic setup for the wet, despite only lapping for 20 minutes in this morning’s warmup." 



I thank God for my success today: be on the podium.

After the episode of disappointment during the qualifying session yesterday, we were determined to make a change. All drivers were very careful at the start of the race as there was plenty of water on the circuit. I managed to overcome the first 6 positions at the first curve. Then I went to hunt for positions with the focus of not making a mistake.

The performance of the bike was very good in the rain and allowed me to go very well. We came to San Marino to combine something good and I'm happy to be on the podium today. I would like to thank my team, sponsors, my family and all Malaysians for their continued support. Thank you Malaysia!



"The race was unbelievable. I've been racing for quite long but don't remember anything like this. The conditions & track were unpredictable and many of the crashes we saw today are difficult to understand. I had a bad start so tried to hurry up and gain some places. I experienced a big moment exiting turn number six and then, braking into turn number eight, I lost the form and appeared in the gravel. Luckily, engine was running and I could get back on the track before marshals arrived. The pace was still very good and starter gaining positions back. The sixth was the maximum possible. To finish in front of Arenas was my target and it worked in the end. Big thanks to my team for absolutely fantastic setup. We all enjoyed the race. I'm so pleased to give my fans and partners a strong result finally. Thank you all so much!"

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