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The Valencia MotoGP was the last race of the year. Casey Stoner and Nolan X-802 are winners.

Wearing Nolan’s colours, Stoner has had a successful season. There were 26 podiums for Nolan and X-lite, thanks to Stoner’s 10 wins and 3 for Lorenzo.  It really was a fantastic and perhaps unrepeatable season with Casey’s first place and Lorenzo’s second.
This race, unfortunately was missing the great Simoncelli and all riders bestowed an honor to him.  An injured Jorge Lorenzo, (X-lite X-802) experienced a thrilling final in which Casey, after leading all the practices (Pole position) and the first part of the race (10-second lead after 12 laps), because of a rain, had to contend with extraordinary excitement in the last few laps. A good exit from the last turn allowed our Australian rider to win with only a very small lead, which was incredible.
"My heart was in my throat! We did such a good job all the race and then it started to rain heavily. Being the first one to arrive to the conditions on the track, I wasn't sure how hard to push so I slowed up to ensure I finished the race and I thought if they come past I can stay with them. Then coming onto the back straight I made a slight mistake when I went into neutral instead of first gear and Ben came past me. I tried to stay with him but he was riding very well, fast and smooth and he looked confident in the conditions, more so than me. In the first half of the final lap he made a nice gap but I knew we were quick in the second half of the lap. I thought to myself, we haven't been able to take any risks all season, this is the time to take one and see what we can do. I knew I had a better exit line out of the final turn and I kept my head down and went for the line. It's amazing to win this on the finish line, I've had it done to me in the past a few times but I've never done it to anyone else! I'm sorry for Ben, he rode a great race, a big thanks to my team for all their hard work this year".
Now, we look forward to seeing you all in Milan from 10th to 13th November for the International bike show. We are in Hall 4 Stand M88 and ready to show you the new 2012 helmet collection. Please don’t miss us

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