MotoGP, Redbullring: placements and great races in the heart of Europe for the Nolan Group!

The Red Bullring is a "simple" track only in appearance. It puts the tires and the riders' bodies to the test with its long straights and its violent braking. These were the interpretations for the Nolan Group riders who didn't collect podiums but still made themselves honour.

Lecuona replaced Rins in the LCR team, but his race was not so lucky.

In the top ten, however, both Aldeguer in Moto2 and Nepa in Moto3. Difficult races, however, for Gonzalez (not classified in Moto2) and Bertelle, with an uphill performance but still in the points. For Farioli, twenty-first, a race to gain experience while Spinelli finished thirteenth in MotoE twice.

We will have to wait for the first weekend of September to have another race weekend. It will be in Spain, to be precise in Catalonia, and it will be, we are sure, as fiery as the summer that is drawing to a close.

We know that some of you have already gone on vacation, while someone else has chosen the next few weeks. Where are your photos?

How did our helmets perform on your adventures? We want to hear everything from you. We are waiting for you on our social channels!


Iker Lecuona TWENTIETH

"I had fun at the first stages of the race but five laps to the end the situation got difficult due to tyre temperature, as today was hotter than yesterday. In the end, I’ve given my maximum and I’ve tried to help as much as possible the team. I’d like to thank LCR and HRC for the opportunity."


Fermin Aldeguer NINTH

"It was a complicated weekend but, in the end, we managed to get into the points zone and this is important. I am seventh in the standings and there are still many races ahead where I will have the chance to show what I can do. Now we have to continue working in view of the Catalunya GP."

Manuel Gonzalez DNF

"It was not our weekend. Again we had bad luck, this time in the race. I was struggling to go fast, but my position was not too bad. When I arrived at Turn 3, I crashed, and I didn‘t understand why. The team said I had water on the rear tyre because of a broken piece of the radiator. We have to forget this weekend and look forward to Barcelona because we know our potential."


Stefano Nepa TENTH

"The weekend has become increasingly difficult, because some pain in my injured leg and knee has resurfaced. I'll do some checks, to show up in Barcelona and in the next away games in full shape and already as fast as I've been this year. Thanks to the team for the excellent work, the top ten is still a great group result. I also praise all the people who came to the circuit to support me, in the race I gave my all for them as well."

Matteo Bertelle TWELFTH

"A good start at last! I'm very happy because the race was really tough. As everyone knows, this circuit is very favorable for KTM, and I was really strong in acceleration. The team did a fantastic job because there were points where I felt the bike really well during acceleration. I'm pleased because the next Grand Prix is more favorable for the Honda, so there I will also try to give my best, perhaps making the most of this advantage. I can't wait!"

Filippo Farioli TWENTYFIRST

"Disappoining race, not much to stay. We took a bad start, and then I made a mistake in turn 3 so I struggled to recover the positions, and in general the confidence and pace were not there. Not the result I wanted, but we will focus on the next round in Barcelona. It is a track that I know well, so I hope that we will have a good weekend there."


Nicholas Spinelli Race1 THIRTEENTH - Race2 THIRTEENTH

"Difficult weekend, new track for me and a bit of difficulty.

Now let's give it my all for the next two rounds and I'll give it my all!

Thank you Pons racing team!"

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