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Aragon, MotoGP: Stoner got back winning.

During Spain MotoGP in Argon Stoner got back winning: after 13 races finally he got the podium with his X-802 Nolan helmet.
A perfect weekend during which  thanks to the important changes which have been done to the setting of his Ducati, he got also the Pole giving any chance to his competitors.
Welcome back Casey!
On the other hand Lorenzo, X-lite X-802, has been totally dissappointed with his 4th position.  Even he started well Hayden got over him reaching the 3rd position: Lorenzo deeply desired the podium to ensure his endless winning season. During the GP, Jorge Lorenzo paid homage to Tomizawa using an X-Lite X-802 with Shoya colours.
Also Marco Melandri, Nolan X-802, got disappointed with his problems during braking phases, even he got the 9th position.
In the Championship Jorge Lorenzo is still the 1st with his 56 points over the 2nd position. Casey Stoner confirmed his 3rd position and Marco Melandri has the 9th one.
Next race will take place in Motegi, Japan on October, 3rd.

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