The first round of the Superbike World Championship took place in Aragon, Spain.

Three races for the premier class, in which we have Chaz Davies, two those of Supersport, with our Federico Caricasulo back in the junior class to aspire to victory.

Our guys weren't very lucky but, for sure, they put all the determination and commitment possible into it.

An unpredictable weather has changed the weekend of our guys but they are ready to make up for it in Portugal, Estoril, next week.

And you? Have you already begun to make up for a year that is really lacking in motorcycle satisfactions?

We are free again. Let's make up for lost time and travel as many km as possible!



"It’s nice to get the first race of the season done. There is always a lot of anticipations, especially after a long winter. Honestly I was hoping to at least show a will to be able to fight for the podium, but there were few issues preventing me from doing that. We chose the softer race tyre, for some reasons it was probably the right choice, but for others it was the wrong one. The race was won by Johnny, who was on a different tyre, maybe it was not the perfect one, but it could have been a good choice, too. For tomorrow we just have to have a look at weather in the morning and understand if we go on a different way or not. Anyway, it’s good to get some solid points and something to build on. We took good infos from the race, looking forward to tomorrow!"

CHAZ DAVIES Gara2 19th:

"Today obviously it was really difficult. The Superpole Race was a positive result, we definitively made the right decision with tyres and we had a solid race, finishing P 4. I was happy with that, it was a good starting position for the second Race. For race 2, from the warm up lap I knew we have made the wrong decision with the tyres. I had to decide whether to stop immediately before the race start and put the full slick or start the race. I decided to start the race, but I had a wet front tyre, and at Turn 7, on the very first lap I close the front. Exactly why I am not sure, I could have been a little bit on an extra wet path, sure even that the front tyre wasn’t fully up to working temperature and it scrubbed. But anyway I crashed unfortunately, I picked up the bike, I went to the garage, I put the slick on, then I just tried to enjoy the seventeen laps. I just got the small consolation to get the best lap of the race and the pace wasn’t so bad. I just obviously wished that I made the decision to start on slicks. Today it was a really difficult day, it was really easy to be the hero or the zero and we were both today, hero moved in the Superpole Race, zero moved in the main race. Anyway it has been good to enjoy the weekend with the Team, thanks for the effort and look forward to Estoril next week!"



"I have improved throughout the weekend. I feel better and better on the bike. I finished Race 1 at 4.8 seconds off the lead, and I know I can do better at Estoril. We are working efficiently with the team and I feel confident with the bike. However, I was expecting more this weekend and I want to be back on the podium in the next race."

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