The second time in two weeks in Austria was a completely different experience for the riders of the three classes.

The weather was not as nice as last week and as usual, everything happened on the track. No podium for Aron Canet, who had a bad feeling with his bike.

Out of the top ten Petrucci and Rins, penalized by rain and a bike change decided perhaps too soon.

The points, however, are worth gold. Almost as much as the advice we always give you: prudence when driving and maximum attention to enjoy your holidays. Are they already over? Tell us about it on our social channels and send us your photos!



"It was a very difficult race. Especially at the beginning the bike just felt different compared to always. I had no chance to stop the bike, I was really slow and didn’t have this pace all the weekend. It was very tough for me. I’m not sure what the reason for this has been, but it was very tricky for me to be fast. Then the rain came and I just wanted to stay on the bike and try to see the flag. At least, we scored some points, but I’m quite disappointed about the first part of the race, because I was so slow on the dry and we have to understand why."


"It was a very crazy race, at the beginning I wasn’t feeling very good and I was running around P12. Then when the rain came I anticipated the bike swop when following Miller, it was a shame because after that the rain stopped a bit, but it was impossible to know that. Turn 3 was bad but most of the track was OK at that point in the race. So in the end maybe I could’ve stayed with the slicks for longer. It seems that in the end it was a mistake to change early, but we were in a difficult situation. The main thing is that we got through these two races, got some points, and next we’ll move on to Silverstone - a track I love, and I hope to get a really nice result there."



"The conditions weren't like last week and this made the race very difficult. At the first corner I had a contact with another rider and this made me waste a lot of time. In this heat I didn't feel very good the rear end of the bike. I tried to finish in the best possible way to keep scoring points."

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