A sudden holidays interruption for riders and technicians but not for fans and enthusiasts yet... here comes Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring .

The Nolan Group riders had a rumble weekend , with an important podium in Moto3 by Enea Bastianini but, as usual they've showed commitment and fair play. These are the most important values ??of the Nolan Group riders and they perfectly match with  the company ones. Endeavor, steady growth and continuous improvement , to offer customers and fans a better product , born from the experience on racetracks around the world .

The next GP ? Brno ... will you still be on holiday with your bike and your Nolan or X-Lite helmet? Let us know...



“Today I was hoping for a victory, because we were very fast: I had a good feeling and I could do what I wanted with my bike. But I knew that Binder would be very strong on the brakes in the final laps: in fact it was definitely not easy to fight with him. On the last lap I tried to brake very late at Turn 4, but he still managed to pass me on the inside, forcing me to go wide. Therefore, the other riders of the group were able to be faster than me on the exit and I lost valuable ground for the final sprint. Binder anyway apologized for his maneuver and I accept it: of course I’m disappointed because I know that today we could have won, but these are the races. For the next races we have to work on the braking area because I want to be more competitive in order to be in the game in the last lap. It should be said that we are working very well, the bike has improved so much since the beginning of year and now I feel very at ease. I’m able to be fast all tracks right from the start of the weekend”.



"This is by far our best race of the year. I was able to get a good start but unfortunately in the first couple laps I dropped back to 20th but once I got into my rhythm it was ok. I was able to post some good times, I got down to a 29.8 which is point faster than qualifying lap and 0.3 in Moto2 is maybe two or three rows. Our pace the last ten laps was the same pace as the top five. Really happy with the race even if 12th doesn't show out full potential."



First of all I want to apologize to Eugene for hitting him. I did not want to pass him, I was just trying to attack, but I lost the front and I had to leave the brakes. I'm really sorry

It has been a very difficult weekend. I never found the right set up. The pace race was nota s bad but I did too many mistakes in the first few laps. Thank God this week end it’s over. Brno is in a week and I can’t wait to run.

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