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Carlos Checa: moral winner of USA SBK GP

There are no other words that could define our standard bearer. He was compelled to give up the race after his domination both during the tests and races. It was a pity because the weekend started very well and he dominated every test. Carlos and his X-lite X-802 conquered an extraordinary Super pole breaking his previous record. Carlos warm up had a race rate that no one could keep up. It seemed a day to remember and it was, but for its negative side. In race 1 Carlos started well and he was the head rider till two laps of the end when his Ducati engine broke down for an electric failure. He had the same problem in race two. After eight laps Carlos had already gained two seconds of advantage when his bike broke down again! "I am sadden, I can't hide it. We are all disappointed. Everything went well: all the done work, the preparation, our race performance, the team and now we have nothing in our hands. These 50 points could have been very important, they could have allowed us to get the head of the championship". In next Misano race (27/6), our opponents will have to pay attention to a fierce Carlos Checa. Nevertheless our rider keeps the 4th place in championship. We have to highlight the two twelth placings of Neukirchener and Salom seventh place in Supersport category. If you want to see the images of the race,click here.

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