The Spanish champion visits the company and the female employees of Nolangroup present her with a special edition signed by all of them. She then assembles the off-road X-502 helmet with them.

Brembate di Sopra – 12th overall in the Dakar 2018, Laia Sanz is the symbol of women in off-road motorcycling. A few months ago, Laia joined the #nolanriders family and now, for the first time, she has visited the Nolangroup factories, where she was given a special gift! The ladies of Nolangroup presented Laia with an X-502 helmet with all of their signatures! 

The Dakar 2018 has been called the toughest, most difficult edition ever, and Laia Sanz placed very highly, proof of the fact that women can achieve extraordinary results in any field. The female employees of Nolangroup, who also make her helmet, therefore wanted to give her a little token of their recognition for how Laia represents them in the world. 

“This helmet really is a surprise for me, I’m very touched, because in a male-dominated world like off-roading, it’s lovely to feel that other women are supporting you”, commented Laia Sanz.

The visit subsequently turned into a little workshop for the young rider, who was asked to assemble the X-502 helmet that she wears for races herself. In the production departments of Nolangroup, Laia had the chance to see how the shell is moulded, the decals are applied and, generally, how the entire production cycle happens. 

“Laia is a force of nature and we are glad that the X-502 is now her travelling companion. Together, they are our standard bearers in the world of off-roading”, said Enzo Panacci, Nolangroup’s CEO.

“Discovering up close how a helmet - such a vital part of our safety as riders - is made was a truly incredible experience”. “The X-502 helmet was an excellent ally during the Dakar, but I had never stopped to think about how complex it was to produce”, said Laia. “To make a helmet that really meets the needs of off-roaders, they use high-quality materials and must use great attention to detail as well as, above all, passion, the same passion that I could feel in the air at Nolangroup today”.

The X-502 is the X-lite full-face off-road racing helmet that is now available from all Nolan resellers in the new 2018 colours. And who knows... the Laia Sanz Replica version might be hot on its heels!


X-502 is X-lite’s new off-road full-face racing helmet. It is characterised by an aggressive design and a wealth of technical characteristics.

 It has a compact volume thanks to the availability of two outer shell sizes (made of compistes fiber).

 The innovative Nolan Emergency Release System (NERS) allows emergency teams to remove the cheek pads from the helmet while it is still being worn by the motorcyclist by simply pulling the red tapes attached to the front of the pads themselves.


The RAF (RACING AIR FLOW) ventilation system is composed of:

- upper air intakes: two openings positioned under the peak direct air, without dispersion, to the upperhead area;

- front air intakes: thanks also to the contribution of the side channels, two openings positioned under the peak direct air, without dispersion, to the front of the head. Two additional openings are located in the forehead area;

- a chin guard air intake fitted with a fixed external filter (in metal netting) and a second removable inner filter, it ensures ventilation to the

mouth area;

- air extractors located on the upper part of the helmet, on its back and in line with the rear base edge and sideways on the helmet, they allow for the expulsion of hot and stale air, thus guaranteeing maximum comfort inside the helmet.


The “Carbon Fitting Racing Experience” inner comfort padding has an innovative net construction. This kind of liner  assists the movement of air around the upper part of the head which thus stays cool and dry. The inner padding furthermore is made up of side cheek pads (left and right) and lining straps which are all completely removable and washable. To further facilitate the washing, the cheek pads are equipped with expanded

foam inner padding which can be taken out from the fabric covering.


The exclusive Eyewear adaptive is designed for the comfort of eyeglass wearers. In a quick and easy way, it allows to obtain a space in the cheek pads for the glasses temples. It is reversible, so the cheek pads can be returned to the initial configuration.


The helmet is ready for the installation of a water system (not supplied) and the fitting of the relative tube. It therefore is

fitted with:

- a side tube-holding strip, positioned on the “READY FOR CAMEL BAG” tape and useful for holding the water system tube;

- a flexible housing on the lower edge of the inner chin guard to allow the positioning of the end of the tube with the suction valve near to the mouth.


The peak can be regulated to various positions by rotating it upwards or

downwards. It is also fitted with an extended peak which is adjustable to three positions.


The particularly ample window allows a wider range of vision and adapts to various types of glasses.

DD retention system complete the outfit of this  helmet.

The X-502 is also present in the new 2017 Nolangroup catalogue in an ULTRA CARBON version, with a high carbon content for those looking for an even lighter helmet with an aggressive look.


Available sizes: from XXS to XXXL.

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