The second in Misano was spectacular and without troubles, and we liked that.

A little less we liked the results of our riders, unlucky at the end of the race but always protagonists for the commitment produced, lap after lap, since Friday.

In the top ten Danilo Petrucci, twelfth Alex Rins, still recovering from his injury.

Some difficulties also in Moto2 for Aron Canet, but the rookie improves race after race and bodes well.

After the Italian tour de force, we go to Spain to Montmelo, with the hope for our team to do better.

Speaking about your coming back from holidays, how are you doing?

Did you start school and get back work again? Do you commute by motorbike with your Nolan or X-Lite?

Come and tell us about it on our social channels, you know it's a pleasure for us.



"It was another tough race. Right from the start, I didn't find the same feeling I had in the practices. I started well, but I didn't have confidence on the front, and I couldn't stop the bike. Too bad because I felt I could have a good race today. I am happy with the progress we have been able to make compared to the previous races, but it is clear that we are still missing something. Fortunately, next week we will be back on track in Barcelona, where we will try to redeem ourselves."


"Today was very difficult for us, I was struggling to stop the bike and also to maintain speed on corner entry. I felt this much more in the race than during the practices or qualifying. We have a few days before we’re back on track in Catalunya, so we’ll try to find the solution. I’m motivated to find the problem, and also to go to a new track, especially one that I like very much where I’ve had good results in the past."



"At the first start I was strong, but I made a mistake and I pressed the speed limiter instead of the launch control. I lost ten positions and tried to come back, but when I was seventh, they stopped the race. I was on a soft tyre and most of my rivals were on the hard one, but at the restart everyone changed to soft and I no longer had new tyres. I couldn't keep up my pace in the second outing."

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