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8 races into the championship, the bets are still very much open on who will grab this year’s MotoGP World Title. After securing second place in Sachsenring, Jorge Lorenzo is arriving at Mugello fuelled by the motivation of continuing to top the general classification.

For the critical Mugello event, Jorge Lorenzo will wear his X-lite X-802 in a special livery named “The Black Mamba”. The exclusive graphics designed by Starline make the helmet look like the head of “The Black Mamba”, the fastest snake in the world. Granted, the snake’s 20 km/h is quite a meagre feat compared to the speed Jorge can power to on his Yamaha, but the rider’s message could not be any clearer. The depth effect is obtained through clever shading in grey and black, making the shell uncannily similar to a snake’s head. The realistic visual effect is enhanced by two large, fiery eyes drawn next to the visor. The powerful overall look of this helmet is completed by the street art-style writing “The Black Mamba” flaring up across the back.

An unmistakeable style, gritty and true to nature, in line with the helmet graphics favoured by the former World Champion.

A true gem for Jorge’s fan base, who will be able to find this helmet in the X-lite 2013 collection from next season.

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