The weekend in Mugello is one to remember due to the tragic death of the young French Moto3 rider Jason Dupasquier to whose family we send a caress. A sport like ours, so rich in emotions, sensations and joys, can also offer a pain that seems impossible to overcome. 

For what it can count, home race with little satisfaction for our boys. We will definitely make up for it in Barcelona.

Our thoughts go to all of you. Maximum attention to riding and always safety first, so that motorcycling is just a joy for everyone.



"First of all, it was a really difficult race today, but not on the sporting side, but on the human one. It was quite a long race, but we have been fighting a lot. I just found a good rhythm at the end and I could make a good pace and also overtake some other guys. We always start so far back on the grid, so the first laps are really difficult to manage with a lot of riders. Apart from that, I loose quite a lot of time on the straight with my size. The other riders always pass me there, but I think we found something interesting on the bike. The two Factory guys, Miguel and Brad made a big step and we have to do the same."


"It’s difficult to say what happened today, because I was riding well behind Joan and holding strong positions and making passes. During the race I felt pretty good with the bike, but not quite the same feeling as during practices. I was struggling a bit with the front of the bike, and we need to analyse what happened because I can’t figure it out. It’s four DNFs for me in a row now, and that’s not normal, so we need to find out what’s going on, causing me to lose the front and crash out. Luckily I’m fine physically, but obviously I am feeling very disappointed. This weekend has been very tough for everybody, and my thoughts are with Jason Dupasquier’s family and friends. Now we need some time to refocus before Barcelona next weekend."



"When the paddock is silent it is a very hard feeling. It is the second time I have lived it since I was in the World Cup and I am very sorry for both the PruestelGP team and the Jason Dupasquier family. I accompany you in the feeling ”.

The race has been very fought. We finished eleventh, we have added five points that are important for the championship. We had to start to get back to the good feeling. Today, the bike did not allow me to open throttle in the last corner and that led me to lose top speed on the straight. I am happy with the work in the race, we will try to take a step forward in Barcelona."

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