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Sepang SBK: Double victory for Marco Melandri.

A day like was needed to raise the spirit of Marco Melandri who returns to victory with a fantastic one-two after a long period without a win. The high temperatures resulted in two hard races (indeed almost three due to the restart of the second race) but the conditions were conquered after a strong comeback by a determinate Marco who can now raise his championship. Good result also for Chaz Davies who was fourth in race 1 and eight in race 2.
In race 1 the Evo victory went to Salom in front of Camier, Guarnoni e Badovini respectively, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth.
Leon Camier achieved points with the twelfth position in race 2 winning the EVO class ahead of Badovini, Salom and Guarnoni.
In the championship, Melandri is fifth and Davies sixth.
Next race in Misano the June 22.

Here the declaration after race.

Marco Melandri – Nolan X-802R
"A double win that was just what we needed! Despite the difficulties we never gave up. We kept working and fighting. I had a good feeling straight away with my RSV4 here. The conditions in Race 1 were difficult but I managed to catch up to Sylvain. After overtaking him I set my own pace. I knew I could defend well in the braking sections and I was able to manage the race to the end. Race 2 was even harder because I also had to battle with the Kawasakis before catching Sylvain. In the last tap I thought I would give it a try. I had to give 100 percent down to the chequered flag. Anyway, all the riders deserve admiration today because riding in these conditions is not easy at all. I want to dedicate this win to Manu, her belly and all the guys on the Team. See you at Misano!"

Chaz Davies – X-lite X-802R
“The races today were about as tough as we’d expected really. The main problem was a lack of side grip but then that also exaggerates other things as a result, for example the electronics are not so smooth when the edge grip is so low. The feeling was fairly similar in both races, perhaps a small improvement in race 2 after we made some changes, but we need to get on top of the side grip problem in order to be able to accelerate better off the turns. I was fairly happy with the race 1 result. Anyway, I felt that I did all I could here and we’ll continue to work to resolve the grip issues.”

Ayrton Badovini – X-lite X-802R
“Race 1 started well, but I couldn’t really feel what the bike was doing, especially on the front end. I am not sure if it was to do with the high temperatures or not, but the bike wasn’t turning very well. I rode as hard as I could, without taking any big risks and brought the bike home as best I could.
For me the second race was better for us because it was shorter. I was happier because my bike worked a bit better than it did in the first race. We had changed quite a few things and that allowed me to push harder. For the first seven laps I pushed really hard and took a few risks and then I took things a bit more steadily and made sure of a respectable finish.”

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