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Silverstone MotoGP: one, two for X-802. Lorenzo wins from Stoner

Jorge Lorenzo (X-lite X-802) took the win at Silverstone over defending World champion Casey Stoner at the British MotoGP and continued his challenge for the MotoGP Championship.  Now with four wins and two second places in just six races, Jorge is well on track to be the number 1 contender for the World Championship title even though Stoner, although plagued by problems (at Silverstone tyre grip) will not surrender the title easily.  The Australian started well and remained in the lead for over half the race distance until problems with his rear tyre and lack of grip caused him to slow his pace.  Jorge, with his usual pace and confidence, just waited for the right moment to overtake the Australian and then cruised to a comfortable win.  It now looks like a battle between both of our riders with Lorenzo leading the championship by 25 points over Stoner. The next race is scheduled for June 30 at Assen in Holland.
"Today it has been a very difficult race, the front guys were very strong and very fast so it was very hard for me to catch them and stay with them. Little by little the rear tyre drops a bit more, I had good confidence and I was faster than them and I started to catch them. When I caught up I didn’t want to crash so I waited for my moment and was patient. When I caught Casey we had a wonderful fight, luckily for us I had a better pace and I passed him. Four laps from the end I made a big mistake and almost crashed! I’m very happy with the result, and for the team who gave me a good bike again."
"It wasn’t a great race for us today, we saw the pace the Yamahas had in the early laps and it was really worrying to me. As early as lap three the bike wasn’t feeling good, especially on the left side, the tyre destroyed itself almost immediately. My plan was to try and get to the front and hold them up, but Ben was proving difficult to pass, then he made a small mistake and I was able to slip through and I tried to hold it from there. We knew we didn’t have a better pace than the other riders and it wouldn’t be long until they were on us, so I did what I could to stay in front. We were losing so much grip on the edge of the tyre that we had no mid-corner speed and we were having to make up for this with the entry and a clean exit, which made things difficult. Today we needed a little more grip and we would have been able to fight for the win, but looking at the rear tyres at the end of the race, there was definitely something wrong with ours."

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